DMC 80s 90s Pop Monsterjam (2018)

DMC 80s 90s Pop Monsterjam (2018)
DMC 80s 90s Pop Monsterjam (2018)
Dance, Synthpop, Disco, Pop | Euro Music Records
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2018 | 02:41:31 | 381 Mb

01. SAW ‘Roadblock’
02. SAW ‘Pack Jammed’
03. France Gall ‘Ella Elle La’
04. Princess ‘After The Love Has Gone’
05. Princess ‘Say I’m Your Number One’
06. 3 Degrees ‘The Heaven I Need’
07. 3 Degrees ‘This Is The House’
08. 8th Wonder ‘I’m Not Scared’ (PWL Mix)
09. ABC ‘The Night You Murdered Love’ (PWL Mix)
10. Sonia ‘Can’t Forget You’
11. Holly Johnson ‘Americanos’ (PWL Mix)
12. Rick Astley ‘She Wants To Dance To Dance With Me’
13. Mandy Smith ‘I Just Can’t Wait’
14. Jason Donovan ‘Nothing Can Divide Us’
15. Kylie Minogue ‘Hand On Your Heart’
16. Kylie Minogue ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing’
17. Laura Branigan ‘Shattered Glass’ (PWL Mix)
18. Rick Astley ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’
19. Scarlet Fantastic ‘No Memory’
20. Mel & Kim ‘F.L.M’
21. Mel & Kim ‘That’s The Way It Is’
22. Rick Astley ‘My Arms Keep Missing You’
23. Donna Summer ‘I Don’t Want To Get Hurt’
24. London Boys ‘Requiem’
25. Matt Bianco ‘Wap Bam Boogie’ (PWL Mix)
26. Four Tops ‘Reach Out’ (PWL Mix)
27. Diana Ross ‘Love Hangover’ (PWL Mix)
28. Jack E. Macossa ‘Opera House’ (Sample)
29. Chic ‘Jack Le Freak’ (PWL Mix)
30. Mel & Kim ‘Showing Out’

01. Bananarama ‘I Can’t Help It’
02. Kylie Minogue ‘Got To Be Certain’
03. London Boys ‘London Nights’
04. Hazel Dean ‘Maybe (We Should Call It A Day)’
05. Kylie Minogue ‘Better The Devil You Know’
06. Sam Fox ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’
07. Erasure ‘Oh L’amour’ (PWL Mix)
08. Sandra ‘Everlasting Love’ (PWL Mix)
09. Jason Donovan ‘Hang On To Your Love’
10. Mel & Kim ‘Respectable’
11. Kool & The Gang ‘Celebration’ (PWL Mix)
12. Sinitta ‘Love On A Mountain Top’
13. Sinitta ‘Toy Boy’
14. Princess ‘I’ll Keep On Loving You’
15. Bananarama ‘Love, Truth & Honesty’
16. Jackie Quartz ‘A La Vie, A L’amour’
17. Rick Astley ‘Whenever You Need Somebody’
18. Rick Astley ‘Take Me To Your Heart’
19. Sonia ‘Counting Every Minute’
20. Jason Donovan ‘RSVP’
21. Bananarama ‘I Heard A Rumour’
22. Big Fun ‘Can’t Shake The Feeling’
23. Kylie Minogue ‘What Do I Have To Do’
24. Jason Donovan ‘When You Come Back To Me’
25. Depeche Mode ‘Strange Love’ (PWL Mix)
26. Bananarama ‘Venus’
27. Jason Donovan ‘Every Day (I Love You More)’
28. Hazel Dean ‘Turn It In To Love

01. Pet Shop Boys ‘Always On My Mind’ (PWL Mix)
02. SAW ‘SS Paparazzi’
03. Reynolds Girls ‘I’d Rather Jack’
04. EG Daily ‘Mind Over Matter’
05. Jason Donovan ‘Too Many Broken Hearts’
06. Bananarama ‘I Want You Back’
07. Lonnie Gordon ‘Happening All Over Again’
08. Big Fun ‘Handful Of Promises’
09. Rick Astley ‘Together Forever’
10. Kylie Minogue ‘I Should Be So Lucky’
11. Big Fun ‘Blame It On The Boogie’
12. Dead Or Alive ‘Lover Come Back To Me’
13. Kylie Minogue ‘What Kind Of Fool’
14. Hazel Dean ‘Who’s Leaving Who’
15. Sinitta ‘GTO’ (Sample)
16. Sinitta ‘I Don’t Believe In Miracles’
17. Steps ‘Tragedy’
18. Sonia ‘Listen To Your Heart’
19. Cliff Richard ‘I Just Don’t Have The Heart’
20. Brother Beyond ‘He Ain’t No Competition’
21. Kylie Minogue ‘Step Back In Time’
22. Kylie Minogue ‘Shocked’
23. Sybil ‘Love I Lost’
24. Dead Or Alive ‘My Heart Goes Bang’
25. Desireless ‘Voyage Voyage’
26. Brother Beyond ‘Can You Keep A Secret’
27. Sonia ‘You’ll Never Stop Me From Loving You’
28. Donna Summer ‘Love’s About To Change’
29. Pepsi & Shirley ‘Heartache’
30. Donna Summer ‘This Time I Know It’s For Real’
31. Dead Or Alive ‘You Spin Round (Like A Record)’
32. Rofo ‘Rofo’s Theme’ (PWL Mix)
33. Divine ‘You Think You’re A Man’
34. EG Daily ‘Love In The Shadows’

01. Various – 80s 90s Pop Monsterjam 1 (Mixed By Tom Newton) 53:57
02. Various – 80s 90s Pop Monsterjam 2 (Mixed By Tom Newton) 53:01
03. Various – 80s 90s Pop Monsterjam 3 (Mixed By Tom Newton) 54:33

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